A series of collages. Covers of Natura magazine 2023


A series of twelve cover illustrations in the collage technique for the Polish monthly Natura (ang. Nature), available in every Natura cosmetics shops (same name). The magazine contains educational content focusing on ecology, sustainable consumption and caring for our common nature, which is consistent with the products in the shops Natura, which includes products from Polish producers, including seasonal ones. Each issue was illustrated based on the seasons, the seasonality of fruits, plants and insects that occur in Poland. The colors of the covers refer to nature, which changes color differently every month.

The idea for the covers assumes that the reader can cut and frame them.
​​​​​​​Klient: Natura
Redaktorka naczelna: Grażyna Tomala-Tylman
Ilustracje okładkowe: Barbara Olejarczyk
Skład: Małgorzata Grula